Top 5 Soap Opera Villains!
By James Whittington, Monday 16th April 2018

They are the people we love to hate, to see them get the upper hand on our favourite characters and to watch through our fingers as they destroy all around them! Yes, these are the soap villains that keep us all tuning in week after week. They are dodgy, wheeler-dealers, usually well off but some rise from the gutter to make the good and the great’s lives pure hell.

Here’s our Top 5 Soap Opera Villains, did yours make the list?

5: Richard Hillman
Best known as the ever so nice Mr Hopwood in TV’s Grange Hill in the early 1980s, Brian Capron arrived on the cobbles of Weatherfield in 2001 as Richard Hillman in Coronation Street. Here, he played the killer Hillman with relish, never missing a chance to clench his teeth and pop on his black leather gloves to try and bump off innocent ladies. Who could forget the time he almost got hold of Emily Bishop?

4: Den Watts
Also known as “Dirty Den”, Den Watts was the first big character from EastEnders and played by Leslie Grantham from the first episode in 1985, in fact the landlord of the Queen Vic Den had the very first line of dialogue. Den was a rough diamond but was mixed up in a lock-up full of dodgy deals and in 1989 was shot (off screen) and fell into a canal (again, off screen). As no one saw him die this kept the door open for his return in 2003. Still mixed up in underworld deals he once again tried to run the Queen Vic pub but in doing so ended up brown bread.

3: Chris Tate
Emmerdale (or Emmerdale Farm as it used to be called) has gone from gentle rural drama in 1972 to a gritty continuing series that’s knocking most of the other soaps out of the park. One of the finest villains was Chris Tate played by Peter Amory. Chris was originally a decent chap but after a plane crash rendered him paralysed from waist down he turned into a bitter person and even in his dying breaths whilst committing suicide he framed his wife for murder.

2: Alexis Colby
Though the only female to make the list she’s also one of the most recognisable soap stars in the whole world. Joan Collins was at her smoldering best as the shoulder pad-wearing Alexis Colby who had more lovers and evil schemes than you could shake a lip gloss at. Dedicated to destroying ex-husband Blake, she first appeared in the second season of Dynasty and this control freak of a vixen slept with powerful men to become just as powerful, at times even more so and trampled on those who she deemed below her. Perfect casting for a perfectly bitchy character.

1: J.R. Ewing
The baddest bad ass of them all, J.R. Ewing was the one villain every other tried to outdo. John Ross Ewing Jr., J.R. to you and I was played by Larry Hagman in every episode of the original Dallas, the TV movies and part of the resurrected series. Who could forget the public response for the “Who shot J.R.?” plot or his constant womanising and back-stabbing deals. Hagman gave J.R. a three dimensional persona, made him a devil in a Stetson and the world the greatest TV villain, ever!

Your favourite prime-time shows continue in April
Posted on Wednesday 28th March 2018

Spring has eventually sprung but don't go running through the daffodils just yet as we've got more episodes of your CBS Drama favourites, ER and Dynasty.

Spoilers ahead so read with caution!

First we head to meet the dedicated physicians and staff of an overburdened emergency room for more ER. In season 2, during the Christmas season, a patient who resembles Santa visits the ER with a hand injury from making toys and Greene becomes upset when Jennifer asks to take their daughter away for the holidays. Then in season 3, Jeanie discovers she is HIV positive but refuses to disclose her status to the hospital and Greene and Lewis’ mutual attraction increases.

ER weekdays at 8pm.<...

Get ready for the fights! Dynasty Season 2 starting soon.
Posted on Friday 2nd March 2018

Dynasty, the hugely popular prime-time soap opera follows the exploits of the Carringtons and Colbys, both "oil-rich" family dynasties in Denver, Colorado, as they accrue and manipulate power and wealth.

All the classic fights and rows are building up over the next few weeks but no season is as anticipated than Season 2, the one where our very own Joan Collins steps into the drama as Alexis.

In season 2, Krystle orders Alexis, who has reclaimed her studio on the Carrington estate, to leave the premises, Blake instructs his attorney to get Alexis out of his life and to cut Steven out of his will, and Alexis insists she is staying to protect her son’s interests, and stuns Steven by telling him ...

ER and Dynasty lead the slate of throw-back programming in February
Posted on Sunday 11th February 2018

CBS Drama is excited to announce that the channel will introduce much-loved iconic series ER and Dynasty to its schedule this February.

From Monday 12th February at 8pm, viewers will be able to relive multi award-winning series ER from the very beginning. See how regular cast members including George Clooney, Julianna Margulies and Noah Wyle first won over audiences in the 1990s as the emergency room physicians and staff at Chicago’s County General Hospital, when the beloved hospital drama receives its network premiere on CBS Drama.

In season 1, a Chicago building collapses, and everyone in the ER must overcome their personal dramas to save lives in a crisis, Dr. Ross works up the nerve to visit Ca...

Dynasty: Who’s Who - Part 1
Posted on Friday 9th February 2018

The 1980s, a time of Yuppies, stock market booms, hedonistic lifestyles, and most important of all, soap operas. These big budget and brash dramas gave us in the UK an insight into lives we could only dream of. The two biggest, Dallas and Dynasty were the big guns and as season followed season the plots and shoulder pads became increasingly outrageous.

Dynasty returns to CBS Drama on the 12th so here’s your guide to some of the colourful characters you’ll be meeting over the next few months.

Blake Carrington
Played for 9 seasons by the enigmatic John Forsythe, Blake Alexander Carrington was the head of the Carrington family with more than a few bad deals in his past especially ...

Top 5 ER hunks
Posted on Thursday 8th February 2018

From Monday 12th February at 8pm, CBS Drama viewers will be able to relive multi award-winning series ER from the very beginning. See how the regular cast won over audiences in the 1990s as the emergency room physicians and staff at Chicago's County General Hospital.

Here's our list of ER hunks from this marvelous medical marvel.

Eriq La Salle
Playing Dr Peter Benton for a massive 171 episodes, Eriq La Salle (above pic on the right) set hearts to swoon as the no nonsense and, at times, prickly surgeon. Born in 1962, Las Salle was a TV regular in the US appearing in such classics as L.A. Law and Quantum Leap before he started in ER in 1994. After he hung up his scrubs he went straight into a...

Would you like to see the future? Medium Season 6 this February
Posted on Wednesday 24th January 2018

Inspired by the life story of medium Allison Dubois (played by Patricia Arquette), Medium continues throughout February on CBS Drama which includes the acclaimed Season 6.

In this gripping run of episodes Allison and her family deal with the outcome of her brain surgery and its possible lasting effects, Allison becomes troubled when Ariel begins acting erratically and suspects that her daughter might be possessed with the spirit of a murdered stripper who is seeking revenge on her killer, and a cancer-stricken friend of Allison’s dies suddenly, leading her to suspect the woman’s illness did not kill her and that a hospital staffer is to blame.

Medium Season 6 starts Februar...

More Medium in January
Posted on Thursday 4th January 2018

Do you believe that some people have the power to see into the future or even recall events long past? Medium (weekdays at 2pm and 6pm) follows a working mother, Allison (Patricia Arquette) as she helps to crack crime with her special gift.

This month you can catch the end of Season 4 and the start of Season 5.

In season 4, everyone’s lives are turned upside down now that Allison’s psychic abilities are public, Allison attempts to help investigator Cynthia Keener find a missing teen as Ariel dreams of her mother’s high school days in the 80’s, and Allison’s loyalties are tested when her visions implicate Devalos’ chief political supporter and friend Senator Garrit...

The best in Christmas movie drama this December
Posted on Thursday 30th November 2017

Every weekday at 4pm from 18th December CBS Drama is bringing you the very best in seasonal fayre with a selection box of emotionally charged movies guaranteed to bring a Christmassy glow to the coldest of hearts, even Scrooge will be moved by them!

Monday 18th - A Diva’s Christmas Carol
Tuesday 19th - Papa’s Angel
Wednesday 20th - Silver Bells
Thursday 21st - The Christmas Gift
Friday 22nd - The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Monday 25th - Once Upon A Christmas
Tuesday 26th - Twice Upon A Christmas
Wednesday 27th - A Town Without Christmas
Thursday 28th - Finding John Christmas
Friday 29th - When Angels Come To Town<...

Medium Season 3 starts soon, but you knew that, didn't you?
Posted on Thursday 30th November 2017

Medium is a captivating one-hour drama series, inspired by the life story of medium Allison Dubois, starring Patricia Arquette as a wife and mother of three who is trying to understand her natural intuition about people and her ability to communicate with the dead. While her husband Joe (Jake Weber) is as supportive and as loving as he can be, the couple is struggling to find a balance between her family life and Allison’s powerful calling. At work, Allison is hired by district attorney Devalos (Miguel Sandoval) to use her abilities to help him solve cases.

In season 3, unsure what to make of her dream, Allison soon realises that she is trapped reliving the same day and discovers that it is up to her to...

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