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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Jake Weber, Medium, Miguel Sandoval, Patricia Arquette, Thursday 4th Jan 2018

Do you believe that some people have the power to see into the future or even recall events long past? Medium (weekdays at 2pm and 6pm) follows a working mother, Allison (Patricia Arquette) as she helps to crack crime with her special gift.

This month you can catch the end of Season 4 and the start of Season 5.

In season 4, everyone’s lives are turned upside down now that Allison’s psychic abilities are public, Allison attempts to help investigator Cynthia Keener find a missing teen as Ariel dreams of her mother’s high school days in the 80’s, and Allison’s loyalties are tested when her visions implicate Devalos’ chief political supporter and friend Senator Garrity in a horrific conspiracy.

In season 5, Allison’s strange behaviour leads to an explosive discovery that may change the the future of Joe’s business, Allison gets involved in the case of a missing woman, and Allison awakes to an earthquake after having a dark dream about an apocalypse and is certain this means the end is near.




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