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More from Horatio and his team in November

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By James Whittington
Posted in CSI:Miami, Features, Sunday 29th Oct 2017

David Caruso plays high-tech homicide cop Lietenant Horatio Caine in this action-fuelled look at crime and punishment in Florida's tropical paradise. When the heat is on and the bullets fly, Caine keeps his cool behind his trademark shades.

The Miami-Dade Crime Scene Investigators also consist of ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter), cocky-yet-disarming investigator Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane), underwater recovery expert Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), no-nonsense medical examiner Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander), and Lt. Yelina Salas (Sofia Milos).

In season 2, a model is killed during “fashion week” and Horatio suspects the killer may be someone with diplomatic immunity, the grisly murder of a treasure seeker leads the CSIs on a modern-day treasure hunt to find his killer, and Horatio and the team investigate the kidnapping of a young tennis phenomenon.

CSI:Miami Season 2 starts 23rd November on CBS Drama.




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