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More Medium in August on CBS Drama

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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 23rd Jul 2017

When Allison (Patricia Arquette), a pre-law student who is interning at the District Attorney’s Office, starts to experience paranormal events, she wonders if she is psychic or psycho. This is the premise of the hit paranormal series Medium.

Allison’s husband Joe, a scientist, decides to prove to his wife that her dreams are not real by sending out written details of her visions to law enforcement agencies. However, Joe is proven wrong when the Texas Rangers call Allison for help when one of her dreams is identical to a case they have.

Allison is able to give the Texas Rangers the missing pieces to their mystery and put a criminal behind bars for good. District Attorney Devalos, still skeptical of Allison’s abilities, asks if she would be interested in continuing to work at his office, not as an intern but as a consultant. The one catch; Allison cannot reveal that she uses her abilities to help with the cases. Excited about the offer, Allison finally feels like she has found her calling in life. In addition, Allison and Joe must learn how to incorporate her powers into their family life.

Medium Season 2 starts 10th August on CBS Drama.




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