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Ever fought with the people next door? Bet it wasn't anything like this!

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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Wednesday 29th Mar 2017

When good neighbours go bad, war is just a one-fingered gesture away! Suddenly the frontline is the garden fence, and the driveway is no-mans-land, as what may have started out as a simple misunderstanding or lack of communication explodes like petrol on a BBQ.

Typically, the longer the campaign goes on, the more likely the original dispute will be obscured by claim and counter-claim as the warring parties are consumed by even greater outrage, paranoia, frustration and fury. And when the lawyers or authorities get involved, then light the fuse and stand well clear – things are going to get very bumpy indeed.

This is the stuff of Neighbours at War – a ten-part series in which getting on with the folk next door is mission impossible and it starts April 18th at 7pm on CBS Drama.




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