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Meet The Super in February on CBS Drama

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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Tuesday 7th Feb 2017

Only one man's job can encompass all of your favorite reality shows, from Hoarders to Storage War, Intervention to Dirty Jobs, all into one. That man is The Super: Dave Paladino, owner of Landmark Property Management and Dino's Storage in Omaha, Nebraska.

From bathtub births to teenage drug dealers, hookers to hustlers, there's nothing he can't handle. Dave is the go-to guy for all his tenants and their problems; which means that all of their problems are his problems too. Working with his core team of managers and maintenance workers, Dave and his crew face everything from the gross to the gritty and the unbelievable on a daily basis. For The Super, patience may be a virtue when dealing with tenants and their problems, but a monkey wrench is a necessity!

The Super starts Monday 20th at 7pm.




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