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Hack is back on CBS Drama

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By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Tuesday 7th Feb 2017

Do you like your drama to be on the gritty, realistic side? If so Hack is for you

The series is the story of Mike Olshansky, once a decorated police officer whose fall from grace leaves him seeking to rebuild his life over again. After Olshansky was discovered taking money from a narcotics crime scene, he lost both his badge and his family. He now drives a cab through the streets of Philadelphia trying to make ends meet whilst helping his fares with their personal and criminal problems in an effort to gain redemption.

He is aided by his former partner, Marcellus Washington, who remains on the force; his next door neighbour, Liz Garza, a former nun turned probation officer; and Jamie Farrell, a young former con man trying to go straight.

Uncompromising and compelling catch Hack weekdays at 10pm.




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