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More From Dr Quinn In October

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 25th Sep 2016

The heart-warming drama Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman continue through October with Season 4 starting October 6th.

This season Michaela (Jane Seymour) and Sully (Joe Lando) travel by train to Boston with their children Brian and Katie to be at their adoptive daughter Colleen's graduation. Upon arriving they find that Michaela's mother is just about to be released from hospital but instructed that she needs complete bed rest. Colleen has to face that a woman doctor will not be welcomed at any Boston medical office and Brian gets a job while everyone is busy with Colleen's graduation and his Grandmother's failing health.

... read more

Watch Out! The Bad Girls Are Coming To CBS Drama

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 25th Sep 2016

Bad Girls is the gripping and powerful drama that depicts the trials and triumphs of prison inmates and officers in a notorious women's prison.

Set in HMP Larkhall Women's Prison, the sexually charged atmosphere mixes with tense, nail-biting story lines all in a hidden world where anything can happen. In this unusual community, warmth and humour are required in order to survive the system.

Highly acclaimed, original and controversial the series boasts a stellar cast and never stops itself from showing the harrowing side of prison life.

In the first episode a pregnant inmate is found unconscious and the finger of suspicion is pointing at a lazy officer.

Bad Gir... read more

What Will The Heir Hunters Discover This August On CBS Drama?

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Tuesday 26th Jul 2016

Heir Huntersfollows the work of probate detectives looking for distant relatives of people who have died without making a will.

Each gripping episode is filled with emotion and human drama. In one episode the hunters are given the case of Stephen Podd who has an inheritance of £195,000 but no will. The hunters must compete to find a surviving relative before the Treasury takes it and the relative ends up with nothing.

Heir Hunters starts August 9th on CBS Drama.

Its Time To Crack Crime! CSI Season 6 In August.

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Tuesday 26th Jul 2016

This smash hit series CSI follows the nights of the detectives working at the Las Vegas Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigations bureau. Being the second busiest crime lab in America, the CSI officers use the best scientific and technical methods to solve puzzles and catch criminals.

In Las Vegas, forensic investigators are trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence. They are on the case 24/7, scouring the scene, collecting the evidence, and finding the missing pieces that will solve the mystery.

In this season we see Brass, now partnered with Sofia Curtis, finding himself caught in a shootout that leaves one officer dead, and a Latino community enraged. Grissom and Wil... read more

Experience True Life Drama With Real Rescues In July

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 26th Jun 2016

Presented by Chris Hollins, Louise Minchin and Nick Knowles, Real Rescues explores the daily work of the emergency services based in Farnham and Portsmouth.

Offering a no holds barred look and putting viewers right at the heart of the action, Real Rescues explores the work of the emergency services including the police, fire, ambulance, coastguard and lifeboat crews.

Don't miss a second of drama, Real Rescues starts 12th July at 7pm on CBS Drama.

Go Back to The Start With Dr Quinn In July

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 26th Jun 2016

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman is the hit family Western show that focuses on the adventures of Michaela Quinn (the stunning Jane Seymour), a doctor who lives in the post-Civil War frontier town of Colorado Springs. Moving there after her father, a Boston physician, dies, Dr Mike as she is known, must win over the trust of her new community who are not exactly thrilled about having a woman doctor. What’s worse is that Dr Mike is an outspoken humanitarian supporting the minorities of Colorado Springs and having sympathy for barmaids (prostitutes). Dr Mike struggles are amplified by the fact that she also cares for three orphaned ... read more

Matlock Season 7 New To CBS Drama In July

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Sunday 26th Jun 2016

For those of you new to CBS Drama, Matlock centres on widower Benjamin Leighton "Ben" Matlock, a renowned, folksy and popular though cantankerous attorney. Usually, at the end of the case, the person who is on the stand being questioned by Matlock is the actual perpetrator, and Matlock will expose him, despite making clear that his one goal is to prove reasonable doubt in the case of his client's guilt or to prove his client's innocence.

Matlock studied law at Harvard and after several years as a public defender, established his law practice in Atlanta, living in a modest farmhouse in a neighboring suburb. He is known to visit crime scenes to discover clues... read more

Catch The First Ever Episode Of The High Chaparral In June

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Tuesday 7th Jun 2016

Catch the birth of a TV legend in June as CBS Drama brings you the very first season of The High Chaparral. This legendary series traces the adventures of the Cannon family in their struggle to maintain a cattle ranch in the rugged Arizona desert. The time is the 1870s when survival meant a fight against the elements as well as renegade Indians and outlaws.

The show revolves around ‘Big’ John Cannon a rancher who runs the ranch with his brother Buck and son Billy Blue (Blue Boy). Blue Boy's mother Annalee is killed in the first episode by an Indian arrow and John Cannon then marries Victoria, the daughter of the powerful neighbouring rancher Don Sebastián Montoya in wh... read more

Thirtieth Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Of Cocoon Coming Soon

By James Whittington
Posted in News, Sunday 5th Jun 2016

Eureka Entertainment will release Ron Howard’s Cocoon, one of the most beloved sci-fi drama films of the 80s as s Special Thirtieth Anniversary Edition Blu-ray on 18 July.

Howard followed up the huge success of Splash with this light-hearted science-fiction tale about a group of elderly friends (played by a list of Hollywood legends) who find their youth returning after encountering a benevolent Alien species living next door to their retirement home and was able to cast

Bucking the trend of extravagant special effects targeted at a teenage audience, Cocoon with its senior cast and more personal focus was a huge success, picking up two Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor & Best Visual Effects), an... read more

The Streets of San Fransisco - Season 3 Starts June 2nd

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Monday 30th May 2016

The Streets of San Francisco stars Karl Malden and Michael Douglas as a pair of plain-clothes homicide detectives Lt. Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller, who cruise the streets of San Francisco solving a variety of crimes usually involving murder. Stone is the street-smart 20-year veteran cop and Keller is the college-educated rookie.

In Season 3, Keller infiltrates a group of Vietnam War protesters hoping to find who murdered an AWOL marine and another episode is about why an innocent man isn't worried about a new murder charge against him but is afraid that once the police process his fingerprints, they will learn that he is a fugitive from a 25-year-old homicide investigation.

The Streets of San Fr... read more

Matlock - Season 6 Starts June 1st

By James Whittington
Posted in Features, Monday 30th May 2016

Have you met Ben Matlock? He is a Georgia bred, Harvard educated defense attorney whose cases can be sen weekdays at 3pm. His fees are huge but he's worth every cent as he defends his clients not only in Atlanta but all over the United States. He is cantankerous, gruff and frequently uses colourful language but beneath it all has a heart of gold.

Season Six, which starts June 1st sees Matlock go back to his hometown for a family reunion but things turn sticky when a good friend of his nephew's son dies and his rival is charged with murder. Not only that but the whole town seems to hate Matlock, as many of them believe he thinks he's better than them because he's a big city lawyer.

A New BFG Trailer To Enjoy!

By James Whittington
Posted in News, Wednesday 18th May 2016

Last weekend Steven Spielberg showcased The BFG to audiences at Cannes Film Festival and now, Entertainment One UK has revealed more from the highly anticipated live-action blockbuster in the form of a brand new trailer! Link is below.

For those of you who may have lived under a rock for sometime The BFG is the exciting tale of a young London girl and the mysterious Giant who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country. Based on the beloved novel by Roald Dahl, The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) was published in 1982 and has been enchanting readers of all ages ever since.

The BFG stars Academy Award winner Mark Rylance as the Big Friendly Gia... read more




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