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Genre: Series / Chat Show

Series 14, Episode 74

A woman care for a friends troubled teen while she was in prison; she sues for child support and allegedly false charges to childrens services saying that she made the child sell drugs.

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Bad Girls - Season 8 Starts August 22nd On CBS Drama

Posted in: Features, Sunday 23rd Jul 2017

Season 8 of Bad Girls sees life on G Wing is shaken up irrevocably when new Wing Governor Louise Stoke takes the helm at a time of crisis.

With a suspected terrorist on the wing, new Prison Officer Donny Kimber is on a secret mission. He’s working undercover but how long will it take until he’s found out – especially when he gets cozy with one of the inmates?

Sylvia is miffed when she is passed over or the New Wing Governor’s position while Pat Kerrington, still regarded as top dog, is driven over the edge by Natalie Buxton.

Could this be the end for one of them? Prison officers and inmates alike are in for a tough ride this year.

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