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Beverly Hills 90210

Starts September 1st



Jerry Springer


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The Defenders

Airing Friday 19th September @ 22:00

The Defenders


Airing Monday 1st September @ 12:00


Jerry Springer

Airing Monday 1st September @ 00:00

Jerry Springer

Waterloo Road

Airing Monday 1st September @ 00:55

Waterloo Road

Tonight at Prime Time

Judge Judy

Tonight on CBS Drama @ 20:00

Genre: Series / Chat Show

Series 10, Episode 109: Series 10, Episode 109

Bringing real-life drama to TV, this US reality courtroom show stars the opinionated and formidable Judge Judith Sheindlin as she dishes out firm but fair justice with lightning speed. S10, Ep109

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Matlock: Diary of a Perfect Murder

Airing Saturday 13th September 2014 @ 08:00

A Murder on Shadow Mountain

Airing Saturday 20th September 2014 @ 08:00

Love Song

Airing Saturday 27th September 2014 @ 08:00

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Action-Packed Series Flashpoint Starts This June On CBS Drama

Posted in: Features, Sunday 1st Jun 2014

Flashpoint – Season 1
Weekdays at 5pm and 9.55pm, repeated the following week at noon from Friday 6th June

Flashpoint focuses on a fictional elite tactical unit, the Strategic Response Unit (SRU), within a Canadian metropolitan police force. The SRU are tasked to resolve extreme situations that regular officers are not trained to handle, including hostage-taking, bomb threats, and heavily armed criminals. Equipped with high-tech tools and a cache of weapons and explosives, members use negotiation tactics and intuition to try to avoid the use of deadly force, which they only excert after all other options have been exhausted. The outcome of a given situation is often determined by a split-second decision, hence the show's tit... read more