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Comfort and Joy

Sunday 20th November @ 19:00

Comfort and Joy

Bad Girls

Saturday 22nd October @ 23:00

Bad Girls

A Very Married Christmas

Sunday 13th November @ 19:00

A Very Married Christmas

Hawaii Five-O

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Hawaii Five-O

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Genre: Series / Lifestyle

Series 1, Episode 53: 153

Compelling series exploring intriguing mysteries. A newlywed wife disappears and is found dead months later, and Hudson River residents claim numerous UFO sightings.

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More From Dr Quinn In October

Posted in: Features, Sunday 25th Sep 2016

The heart-warming drama Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman continue through October with Season 4 starting October 6th.

This season Michaela (Jane Seymour) and Sully (Joe Lando) travel by train to Boston with their children Brian and Katie to be at their adoptive daughter Colleen's graduation. Upon arriving they find that Michaela's mother is just about to be released from hospital but instructed that she needs complete bed rest. Colleen has to face that a woman doctor will not be welcomed at any Boston medical office and Brian gets a job while everyone is busy with Colleen's graduation and his Grandmother's failing health.

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