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Genre: Series / Drama

Series 2, Episode 15: Out Of The Darkness

Heart-warming drama following two angels who bring hope to troubled people on Earth. Monica is assigned to a case of a man who awakes from a five year coma to find his life in tatters.

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Feel The Heat On The Beat With CSI: Miami In July

Posted in: Features, Monday 26th Jun 2017

A chance to witness the start of one of the most acclaimed cop shows of all time in July, we hit the streets of Florida with CSI: Miami.

Golden Globe winner David Caruso plays a high-tech homicide cop in this action-fueled look at crime and punishment in Florida's tropical paradise. When the heat is on and the bullets fly, Lieutenant Horatio Crane keeps his cool behind his trademark shades.

Joined by ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne (The West Wing's Emily Procter) and his crime lab team, Caine uses gut instinct and forensic tools to crack shocking cases. Delivering colourful locations and guest stars like Raquel Welch, Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, CSI: Mia... read more