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Judge Judy

Heir Hunters

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Heir Hunters


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Judge Judy

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Genre: Series / Chat Show

Series 12, Episode 31: S12, Ep31

Bringing real-life drama to TV, this American reality courtroom show stars the opinionated and formidable Judge Judith Sheindlin as she dishes out firm but fair justice.

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What Will The Heir Hunters Discover This August On CBS Drama?

Posted in: Features, Tuesday 26th Jul 2016

Heir Huntersfollows the work of probate detectives looking for distant relatives of people who have died without making a will.

Each gripping episode is filled with emotion and human drama. In one episode the hunters are given the case of Stephen Podd who has an inheritance of £195,000 but no will. The hunters must compete to find a surviving relative before the Treasury takes it and the relative ends up with nothing.

Heir Hunters starts August 9th on CBS Drama.

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