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Genre: Series / Chat Show

Series 13, Episode 249

A teens cell phone is broken by his father when he discovers it was being used by his son to allegedly buy drugs; another teens father laments that he is stuck with the bill.

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More Bad Girls In May

Posted in: Features, Friday 21st Apr 2017

Bad Girls is the legendary and incredibly powerful drama that depicts the trials and triumphs of the inmates and officers in HMP Larkhall; a notorious women's prison. It's a tense and sexually charged atmosphere, a hidden world where anything can happen. In this unusual community, warmth and humour are required in order to survive the system.

*If you don't want to know what the month has in store for the ladies of Larkhall please don't read any further!*

Season 3 kicks off with a revenge-hungry Shell locked in a cell with bad boy Jim Fenner… and a broken bottle hidden under her pillow. The officers, led by Karen Betts, are forced to sober up after Sylvia “Bodybag” Hollamby’s a... read more