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Genre: Series / Drama

Series 2, Episode 17: Wherein Our Saviours Birth Is Celebrated - Part 1

Drama comedy about a family of crooks who try to go on the straight and narrow. Its Christmas, and the Wests head to their usual annual camping holiday spot. Part 1/2.

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Clocking Off Returns In August To CBS Drama

Posted in: Features, Wednesday 22nd Jul 2015

The BAFTA award winning series Clocking Off returns to CBS Drama in August. It follows the tumultuous lives of the employees of Mackintosh Textiles factory in an unnamed northern town. Filled with the very best of British acting talent, the series helped launch many careers and is compulsive viewing.

In one episode Stuart Leach (John Simm) returns after having been missing for over a year but has he really lost his memory as he claims?

In another episode Yvonne (Sarah Lancashire) attempts to find a way out of her desperate situation by burning her house down and claiming the insurance money. However, owing to a tragic misunderstanding she is unaware that her children are asleep inside.

Briti... read more