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Ultimate Force


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Seven Days

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Seven Days

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Friday the 13th: The Series

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The Agency

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Genre: Series / Drama

Series 1, Episode 13

Controversial drama following the inner workings of the CIA, focusing on the "War on Terror" after the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11.

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July On Drama

Posted in: Features, Friday 30th Jun 2017

pacific_bluePACIFIC BLUE
Season 5
Weekdays at 22:40 from 3rd July
This cop series is all about the bicycle patrol of the Santa Monica Police Department, in which the officers and their flashy equipment are as young and casual as their work area, mainly the beach, and as agile and well-trained on their bikes as traditional mounted police on horseback. The bulk of their work is prevention and petty crime, such as pickpockets and purse-snatchers, but of course the more spectacular atypical cases, often one- offs, sometimes even involving the FBI, get extra attention. No less attention is paid to the relationships between all these hotshots, young and ambitious, so there's lots of temptation, amorous and professional rivalry, conflic... read more